My experience about purchased exams is pretty positive and in future I am eager to do more.

Arnab Anonymous

Have yet to try. But most recommend it

Invisible Angel NEW ZEALAND

The Questions Bank contains real questions and answer. However, not all of the questions has explanation for the answers. So if you need to learn the topic you have study outside this brain dump.


Had issue with the 20% discount code. They replied and solved it very quickly. The purchase process is super easy and secure. They don't even ask for the Credit Card name and address. Just number and date. That is all.


Decent content. The questions and answers in this braindumps is pretty accurate. It helped quite a lot. Anonymous

facil compra, lei sus preguntas de prueba y me convencio el material

alexmex Anonymous

This worked out perfectly fine and I am from Spain. So worth the shot.



Harshavardhan Yedla UNITED STATES

Just paid for it ... seamless experience ... looking forward to using the program to study for the CEH and pass it with flying colors!

Josh Anonymous

Just ordered, will follow up with how it goes

davidj Anonymous